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Empowerment is the cornerstone of all my workshops, seminars and lectures, available in both English and German. Whether you’re an aspiring leader, a student, a seasoned professional, or a member of an activist group or feminist organization, my programs are designed to give you the tools and knowledge you need to achieve success and make a real impact.

Join me for:
  • Females of Color Empowerment Workshop
  • Muslim Youth Empowerment Workshop
  • Awareness/Diversity and Inclusion Workshop
And don’t miss out on my engaging seminars and lectures, such as:
  • Islamic Feminisms: Exploring the nuances of Islamic Feminism
  • Global Sisterhood: Tackling the tensions and potential of various forms of feminisms.
  • Decolonizing Feminisms: Transforming feminist theory and practice through decolonization.
Contact me today to discover how my evidence-based approach as an empowerment trainer and research scholar can help you turn your next project into a success and support your organization’s mission.